Bureau Of Power And Light is an art collective dedicated to harnessing creative energies for positive social impact.

​Our mission:

Foster empathy through the creation, exhibition, and facilitation of artworks


Harness the arts to challenge our convictions and preconceived notions

Demonstrate the value of the arts as an effectual vehicle and agent for social change and activism

Create and support platforms for under-represented voices

Advocate for artists and the arts in society at large. 

Projects initiated and produced by BPL:

Art bands illiaster and MAGT,

multi-dimensional exhibitions Tibetans Of Toronto, #ReclaimTibet, Time Travellers: The Art Of Tashi Norbu, In Light Of Death, short film Light For Freedom, based on an immersive theatre work of the same name, and, most recently, The Snowlion Club, a CBC Arts coproduction .

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Bureau Of Power And Light

Centre For Social Innovation  

720 Bathurst Street   

Toronto, CAN  M5S 2R4