photo: GUN ROZE


Electro-pop art band with a message

Four vocalists braid their individual personalities to collectively animate driving rhythms and grounding beats while posing important questions, and sharing timely reflections on the state of the world. Pointed lyrics highlighting the need for expanded empathy are musically illustrated by Industrial, New Wave and World Music influences to inspire positive energy on the dance floor while inspiring people to rise above adversity.


On stage, Mimoon, Androidrea, Gii, and Taj, are the mythological counterparts of the four earthly band members. These animated, glamorous avatars are idealized beings - personified energies and principles whose sole mission is to make the world a better place. The differences in each character represents the infinite ways and postures of doing so. 

Mikela Jay | vocals

Andrea Battersby | vocals

Geoff Doner | songwriter, producer, vocals

Troy Jackson | vocals

Photos: GUN ROZE


Bureau Of Power And Light

Centre For Social Innovation  

720 Bathurst Street   

Toronto, CAN  M5S 2R4