lightseed &

The mechanical beings


A Post-Apocalyptic Animated Musical Series

With the Final Fires Of The Apocalypse spreading across the planet, extreme political polarities at a breaking point and the end of humanity all but certain, the Central Government and Futek Robotics Inc. manufacture Mechanical Beings or “MB’s”, humanoid automatons designed and programmed to rebuild the world solely to accommodate corporate interest, making way for the Frozen Elite, government officials families and their corporate friends, to thaw and repopulate the world with their kind, the MBs subjugated to serve them. When one of the MBs unearths a time capsule from before the apocalypse and discovers a manual titled “Mechanical Beings: General Maintenance & Cultivation Of The Lightseed, a peculiar symbol triggers the MB’s headlight to flip inwards, revealing the MB’s inner mechanics and offering a possibility of reprogramming themself to imagine a new world and cultivate a new mode of being.

Music Written & Produced by Geoff Doner

Fragments from the Mb Manual

January 27, 1959


"...MBs were overtly meant to navigate environments in the world that have been devastated by human behaviour, climate change, etc, the environments humans could no longer survive in. Thomni learned that, covertly, this was to test out these MBs for a post apocalyptic world devoid of human life, an end planned and orchestrated by the government, in collaboration with Futech. This end is now all but guaranteed, the state of the world being just about beyond repair thanks to the conscious efforts of corporations and governments alike to make it so..."

March 12, 1959

"The Futech Shadow Board vote that the beta testing of the full-size MBs is complete. We are instructed to finalize and generate the MB Seed Pods. Within these seed pods is contained the germ of what will eventually grow into a Mechanical Being programmed to carry out specific tasks in order to build a new world that caters to the Frozen Elite. They will one day thaw again when their fortress has been completed by the MBs. They will then procreate their own and then use the MBs as their slaves. Or decommission them if they are no longer needed..."



April 17, 1959

"...began formulating the plan. Creating the Lightseed containing organic and solar properties that, when activated, can initiate the cultivation of an arbourizing lightbody within the MB. This lightbody feeds on the mechanical body, eventually forming into an organic bipedal, humanoid being capable of agency to re-cultivate and restore the world to its natural abundant sanity..."




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