lightseed &

The mechanical beings


A Post-Apocalyptic 

Animated Musical

After the Final Fires Of The Apocalypse, Mechanical Beings spring to life, fashioned with headlights and programmed to rebuild the world in the dark aftermath and prepare it for the Frozen Elite who will unthaw, propagate their kind and rule the programmed automatons. When one of the MBs unearths a time capsule from before the apocalypse, it opens them up to their own mechanical being and affords the possibility of reprogramming themselves to cultivate a new world.

Music Written & Produced by Geoff Doner

During the Cold War,  the nuclear threat was real to the United States. At any time it felt as though the world could go up in flames. The US government claimed that they would protect the US, but secretly prepared for annihilation.


Around the same time a corporation known as Futech was founded to innovate new technologies in robotics, to find ways of removing humans from mindless factory jobs and replacing them with automation. The idea was to free up people’s time for things like leisure after having gone through years of war. 


Futech founder, Ray Anderson, robotics expert, hires Thonmi Sambota, a Tibetan computer programmer and bio-physicist, to oversee the development of a new classified project.


Ray came from a privileged upbringing. Thonmi’s parents lost everything when the Chinese government invaded and subsequently occupied Tibet and destroyed or confiscated everything the family had. They escaped with a tiny Thonmi through the Himalayas with virtually nothing, made it to India, and eventually settled in New York.

Ray and Thonmi enjoy success, winning the minds of investors and the government alike for the innovative technologies Futech had to offer. The relationship with the US government becomes quite cozy, to the point where Futech begins streamlining their services to cater solely to the US government with future prospects of unimaginable profit and monopoly over government contracts and robotic technological patents.


Ray was elated at the prospects of profit and growth. Thonmi, however, began to question this business relationship when the Board of Directors are curiously, one by one, voting themselves out of their positions and hiring what would become known as the Shadow Board. Representatives from the Shadow Board would meet with Ray and Thomni to relay the Board’s decisions.


His skepticism only grew when he learned indirectly that Ray knew of a new project that Futech was about to embark upon involving the development of something called "MBs" or Mechanical Beings.


MBs, were overtly meant to navigate environments in the world that have been devastated by human behaviour, climate change, etc, environments humans can’t survive in. Thomni learned that, covertly, this was to test out these MBs for a post apocalyptic world devoid of human life, an end planned and orchestrated by the government, in collaboration with Futech. This end is now all but guaranteed, the state of the world being just about beyond repair thanks to the conscious efforts of corporations and governments alike to make it so.


The Futech Shadow Board vote that the beta testing of the full-size MBs is complete and instruct Ray & Thonmi to finalize and generate the MB Seed Pods. Within these seed pods is contained the germ of what will eventually grow into a Mechanical Being programmed to carry out specific tasks in order to build a new world that caters to the Frozen Elite.


Tragically, Ray suffers the loss of his daughter to a disease she contracted from drinking water polluted by Futech. Ray has a breakdown and realizes the horrible things he has done and is about to support.


Thonmi and Ray begin formulating a plan. Thonmi creates a Lightseed containing organic and solar properties that, when activated, can initiate the cultivation of an arbourizing lightbody within. This lightbody feeds on the mechanical body, eventually forming into an organic bipedal, humanoid being capable of agency to recultivate and restore the world.


Because of Ray’s mortifying experience, he begins openly questioning the MB Project and begins to speak out against the direction Futech is going. He is swiftly escorted out the door by representatives of the Shadow Board with a warning to keep quiet or die. A team of ‘minders’ trail Ray’s every move.

Ray manages to lose the Shadow’s trail long enough to connect with members of the Resistance, known as The Squad. He convinces them to work with him. The Resistence provides support in relaying communications between Ray and Thonmi so they can work together to formulate and install a Lightseed into each MLB Seed Pod before the Air Ships are deployed and flown all over the world, dispensing them from the skies.

The Lightseed The Final Fires Of The Apocalypse trigger  into action. As it vibrates with life, it sets the red germ and the white germ into motion, creating a solid spherical ‘body’ that gradually surrounds, encloses the light seed. The red and the white shell now evolve into a more complex apparatus that eventually bifurcates into a bipedal mechanical being, increasingly muffling the vibrations of the light seed within a many-layered hard shell. There it will remain until a body is established as a suitable infrastructure for a Light Body to grow and feed on. But this Light Body will only grow through conscious intentional efforts. 

The original energy that animates the Lightseed comes from the Sun. The energy within each luminescent seed is the same energy as the sun, in a concentrated state. This is the energy that will eventually arbourize throughout the MBs body, feeding on the old systems, growing ever brighter, translucent...


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