ILLIASTER is the lead singer for a Dark Electro Pop Rock Orchestra, a fictional character that emerged from the chrysalis of a former apparatus-for-living known as Sam Vega


Sam Vega, depressed and nearly 40, worked in an office in the monochromatic City Of The Electric Sun, a place where night was perpetual and storm clouds were brewing. His life was routine, his habits were destructive and his cycles were vicious. 


Yet, Sam dreamed of becoming a rockstar. He would imagine himself onstage, transformed into a overly-confident singing force, decked out in the best space-goth attire imaginable. In this dream, Sam was invincible, radiant, realizing his True Nature. He would lose himself in the Kingdom Of The Ancient Wonders searching endlessly for the Dragon in the darkness to rise up from the Valley Of The Darkest Places, set ablaze this bleak world and usher in the light of a new dawn.

ILLIASTER is a Bureau Of Power And Light trans-media music project created and produced by Geoff Doner, composer, musician and cofounder of BPL, featuring Androidrea aka Andrea Battersby. Based in Toronto, CAN.


Songs About Death by ILLIASTER is a dark-electro-goth-pop-rock album that explores mortality, impermanence and striving to live a more meaningful, purposeful life.



Bureau Of Power And Light

Centre For Social Innovation  

720 Bathurst Street   

Toronto, CAN  M5S 2R4