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Songs About Death is a dark-electro-goth-pop-rock album that explores mortality, impermanence and striving to live a more meaningful, purposeful life. The tracks below are a selection of demos from the forthcoming album. Follow me on Instagram to find out about the release date of the official full album Songs About Death ! 

This is a trans-media music project created and produced by Geoff Doner, composer, musician and cofounder of BPL, featuring Androidrea aka Andrea Battersby. Based in Toronto, CAN.

Love More Real

Looks like you made yourself another war Destroying homes collaterally They come a knockin knockin on your shores You shut them out Call them the enemy I know that goodness is in everyone But it gets trampled by so many things It’s maybe how you’re raised Or what you’ve seen What has been done to you Or chemically I’ve been honing my innovation I climb into a ball And I shrink down small Fly like a bug into inner spaces Lets see what this machine is made of ! All my life I’ve been fabricating An inauthentic replica I will get cultivating A life more true A love more Real This is the last nightmare before the fever breaks We’ll keep on fighting for the remedy as long as it takes It’s always darkest before it dawns Still, gotta get up off this trip that we each are on If you have privilege then share it with the ones that don’t Reach out a hand even if the others won’t Take a breath Take a moment Inhale And breathe out ….. Corporate greed is the enemy ! We trade our soul for a profit While our bothers and our sisters self-immolating North of the Himalayas All my life I’ve been imitating A life revolving round the dollar I will get cultivating A life more true A love more Real A Love more Real! 


Lyrics by Geoff Doner

First Conscious Shock

Born awake Into a small sleeping town And In my turn I learned to fall asleep just like them But something kept up a fire inside that I have found A sound reminder of when I was awake and seeing Something more real! Sounds and colours I could feel A depth of field Time it had no relevance I want to wake up from Life-Being-Mechanical Create First Conscious Shock! Acute anxiety Every time I turn around Inside my head A thousand voices arguing It’s like I’m made up of many me’s inside of me Trying to claim the ownership of my mechanics Which one is Real? Who am I when I am Real? How does it feel? I cannot remember I want to wake up from Life-Being-Mechanical Create First Conscious Shock! Long ago Life formed around your True Nature this Hardened Shell  Now’s the time to crack it open Rise out of it Let it Go! Let Go!! Stop Step back Digest It's just another "I" in you Talking Reacting Pretending To be the only "I" in you

Lyrics by Geoff Doner


Death Awaits You

Whatcha gonna do when death confronts you? Whatcha gonna do with this life in you? Whatcha gonna do when death confronts you? Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Hey! Starlight How on earth did you become Bodies-electric-fabricating machines Come on come on come on! Climb up here and take a look around Cities of dreams as far as the eye can see I’ve been this way Since I don’t know when A paralyzing fear Like I’ve done something wrong That’s why I come here It’s to clear my head Remind my self it’s just chemical....or mostly so Whatcha gonna do when death confronts you? Whatcha gonna do with this life in you? Whatcha gonna do when death confronts you? Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Cold blue light March of everyday automatons Shiny metal boxes Packed like lemmings Come on come on come on! Everyone that's gathered round here Let the thoughts come and go Get out of your way Listen to the sounds Feel the world go round Be the Buddha string Not too taut Not too loose wound Let the water in Through the concrete skin Cultivate the growth of the seed from within And every hour of every day I keep asking the same questions over and over Whatcha gonna do when death confronts you? Whatcha gonna do with this life that’s in you?

Lyrics by Geoff Doner

Running Out

A shudder shakes me As a mind wind rises Thoughts clouding up inside this Keeping company with Key Ogre Balance Ka-spel Cure and 93 Nurses Complete withdrawal from the people I know Who have I become I no longer know In this chrysalis, suspended inside Breaking down all the built up lies A seed in darkness Needs to be nurtured Transform its being and rise towards the light “Get a grip!” I know! “Be responsible!” I know! But its hard to find the ground When I feel like I’m sinking I have a memory Of cemetery sites There my eyes opened wide From the aged down to the infant Stones for those that have not yet died Definite impression Food for digestion My time is running out To my family my dear friends all! It's been a while I miss you all! I've been away fighting demons in the shadows Terrified to be in the light of the day I focus all my energy Searching for the remedy To turn around Turn around All my thinking Shine a light into this machine Shine it on everything that can be seen Until there’s no where left for the shadows No where left for the demons to be Drop the weapons Cast off this armour Sound the alarm Our time is running out! Time is running out! 

Lyrics by Geoff Doner




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